Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Fincher gives speech at University of New Orleans

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Benjamin Button is nearing completion after four months of shooting in and around New Orleans. They looked at filming in Baltimore but Fincher says "It lacked a certain warmth. It lacked the sense of history and patina of New Orleans."

Regarding Brad Pitt, Fincher had this to say: "There's something amazing about him. He can say horrible (things) and if he smiles at you, you say, 'Oh, OK.' I trust him. When he says I've got to do this this way, you go, 'OK.' "

Studio execs have embraced the film as a love story, though Fincher says "I think it's a story about death. To love somebody enough to be there when they breathe their last breath."

I'm glad that Fincher's focus is a little less on what it looks like, and a little more on the depth of the film. The last piece of information that came out of the speech was this interesting detail regarding Benjamin Button himself: "It's about a newborn who looks like "a cross between Einstein and a Shar-Pei," but, "because of his good fortune, gets to be Brad Pitt."

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