Friday, April 13, 2007

Geek Monthly article

Thanks to Iac/Josan for the link. There's a few interesting things about this article. They spoke to Fincher in February, and noted that the film wasn't due to wrap for another 8 months, putting that date sometime in October, possibly November. It looks like it really won't be coming out this winter as would be cool, and will be on the list of summer movies for next year.

He's known for attaching his name to a lot of films over the years, and I remember reading the plots for all of them and getting excited hoping he would actually end up making one of them his next film. Lords of Dogtown would've been perfect for him to direct, and a definte change of genre, but he just ended up producing the 2005 film. He was attached to Mission Impossible 3 with the plot something to do with the black market on body organs in Africa, but JJ Abrahams took over. Another film he's been attached to is "Rendezvous with Rama", a science fiction story written Arcthur c. Clarke. In the article, he finally talks about it.

'It was Freeman, actually, who approached Fincher about bringing sci-fi scribe Arthur C. Clarke’s “Rendezvous with Rama” to the screen, though, so far, that hasn’t happened. “We never got a script, and, at the time, the amount of CG work that he wanted to do would have cost way too much money,” Fincher explains. “But certainly, if we can solve the problems that we need to in ‘Benjamin Button,’ ‘Rama’ will be this much closer to being doable.”

I guess he still wants to take it on. There's been a lot of speculation that his next project would be Torso, the serial killer movie, and he's talked a bit about it, people who would be working on the film have talked about it, but with all his interest in so many projects, it's hard to tell which one he'll be doing next.

The article also talks a little about Benjamin Button, implying that the visual effects will mostly be used for when Brad begins to get younger as opposed to older, which will mostly use make-up, which makes sense. If you want an idea of what to expect, watch the beginning of X-men: The Last Stand from last year and see the two main characters, those old guys, visually altered to look twenty years younger. It's pretty cool. I'll post some pics later to show what will be happening in Button.

'Directing actors whose faces are not those which audiences will see is, to say the least, a challenge. “It’s the trickiest thing I’ve ever had to do, really. You have to do a lot of imagining to get performances that are believable out of synthetic faces.” Not to mention the strain on Fincher’s high-priced star. “If you see what he has to go through, he’s earning every penny.”

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