Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Details from the cinematographer

Claudio Miranda is the cinematographer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and he recently gave an interview, disclosing some really cool details about the film.

-"It’s a 145-day shooting schedule and a period movie that takes place from 1918 to almost present day. There’s a lot involved with the look of each period."

-"It’s really amazing – some scenes, I’ll put a light bulb in the middle of the frame and it looks fine. Some scenes are really beautiful. The way Viper reacts, the image looks like a painting in a way. One of my favorite scenes is a whorehouse scene, and the textures and colors that were produced looked really beautiful."

-"We’re not letting it go as (visually) dark as you can see in Zodiac. But still, there are actually very dark moments in this movie – it is David, after all, he can’t let that go. "

-"When we needed to shoot at high speed, such as a war sequence, we shot on film. We went to the Caribbean, and to be nimble on our feet we shot film."

-"As far as the look of the film, it’s really quite striking. It looks very different from Zodiac, because it’s a different era and place. This isn’t a big city movie, but 1918 New Orleans. The sets that [production designer] Don Burgess built are beautiful."

A war sequence? A jailhouse scene? A whorehouse? Well, well, looks like Benji ButBut gets himself into some trouble in his de-aging journey. I can't wait to see how David Fincher makes a visually light film look.

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